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We believe Model United Nations conferences are one of the best experiences one can have while in University. MUN helps people practice research, public speaking, teamwork, negotiation, writing, and many other useful skills. Being a nexus point for people from different countries all over the world, it is a unique chance to learn about new cultures, make new friends, and gain an understanding of global issues that world society will have to face in the years to come. And, the most important thing: it’s amusing.

Because of this, despite the unprecedented circumstances we are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we did not want to give up on C’MUN 2021. Therefore, the C’MUN Team has been working through the year to prepare the conference in a completely new way: an online edition as well as inaugurating the “CMUN Talks” and some surprise events.

Each committee will be held on a different weekend of the month through videoconference. Sessions will be divided into smaller slots to ease discussion. Whereas not all of you will be debating on your respective committees at the same time, our “C’MUN Talks” and both opening and closing ceremony will be open for all participants at the same time.

This conference has been known for its excellent academic standards but also for gathering very different individuals who have the opportunity to share their passion for international affairs in an international and multicultural atmosphere. We are confident that these standards will be met on an online edition with the work of the C’MUN Team, Committee Directors, and Delegates.

As the conference approaches, we will send you detailed information about the conference proceedings, final schedules, and logistics.