How to apply to C’MUN

Participation is open to university students or interested people aged between 18 and 30 years old.

You can join our simulation individually or in a delegation/group. Some committees may also be available for couples (2 delegates representing the same country in a commission), check the committees page for more information.

Check out our payment information page to learn more about the delegate fee.

You cannot represent your home country.

Delegate Procedure

Delegate applications for C'MUN 2020 will open in winter

Delegation Procedure

Delegation applications for C'MUN 2020 will open in winter.

Committee Director applications

Fill the Application Form and follow the steps to become a moderator of the debate at C’MUN 2019.

Committee Directors play a key role in the success of the conference and in making this experience enjoyable for all the delegates at their committee; that is why we take the selection process very seriously, involving videoconference interviews with our Secretariat.

If you are passionate about diplomacy and you think you might do a good job, please click the button below to land in the application form.

Committee Director Applications