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How to apply to C’MUN

Participation is open to university students or interested people aged between 18 and 30 years old.

You can join our simulation individually or in a delegation/group. Some committees may also be available for couples (2 delegates representing the same country in a commission), check the committees page for more information.

You cannot represent your home country.



Fill the Application Form for the position you want to apply for.

You will receive an e-mail accepting or not your participation.

Once your participation has been accepted, you must make the payment of the fee.

Send an email informing us and we will give you your C’MUN assignment.



This year C’MUN gets bigger and bigger! That’s why we have worked harder than ever to provide delegations with an important discounts. C’MUN offers a discount of 10€ per delegate on the general fee of 80€ (not the Social Events).

The criteria to apply for such discounts will be:

Registering as a Delegation.

The Delegation must contain a minimum of 4 delegates.

Registering before January 15th 2017.

After registering as stated, you will have to wait for the organization’s confirmation of your application to proceed to the payment. You’ll have to successfully pay the amount due before January 15th for the discount to be applicable.

If you have any doubts please contact us at


Delegate ApplicationDelegation Application


Journalist application

The application for a position of Journalist in C’MUN 2017 will work equally as a Delegate application. The role of Journalists in C’MUN 2017 will consist in representing an official newspaper/ news channel etc. Journalists will be able to attend to all meetings within the different Committees and depending on their skills they’ll have private access to confidential information of the different delegations. Journalists will have to stick to the official editorial line of the role they are assigned to. Journalists will also be eligible for awards for the best columns and articles or even for breaking news!

If you have any doubts please contact us at



Journalist Application